In English




·         honesty and justice

·         enterprise and hard working

·         co-operation

·         caring and tolerance


Age of 6-13

·         school co-operation with elementary schools

·         club activities

·         courses and competitions

·         trips and events

Age of 14-28

·         Internationality (exhange-programs and camps)

·         courses, for example: preparation to working life,counselor training etc.

·         Tasks for home- and garden services

·         club-counselors jobs

·         events,discos

·         teen-age nights


4H is non-governmental organization, wich main purpose is to support childrens and young adults stable development and growth.

We improve:

-childrens independent initiative,entrepreneurship and everyday skils

-co-operation skils

-internationality skils

-respect nature and enviroment

Do you need help to your home? Ask

* clean up

* washing windows

* working at the garden/outdoors

* snow clearing,cutting crass

* outdoor company

* help to do your running errands

Price 19,00€/h+ 24% vat.

Make an order by calling +35840-5702701 or by e-mail.